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Just a girl from Portland, Oregon

Colleen Marie
18 February 1975
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Dogs never bite me. Just humans. -мαяiℓyn мonяoε.*

ABOUT ME... My name is Colleen, but everyone calls me Coley with the exception of some people who call me Cole, Bean, Queenie, Carrot top, Red and then there are some other choice ones such as bitch and all those ones. tehehe. I am 100% female. My birthday is February 18th, 1975 making me 30+ and middle aged. lol. I live in Portland, Oregon. I don't currently work. I get crazy money known as SSI. I am from Washington State, but raised in Oregon. I have never been out of these two states.

MORE...There is only one love in my life and that is Chris. We have been together since May 7th, 1999. No, we are not married. No, we don't have any children. He is into Martial Arts and is a green belt in Taekwondo. I love him very much!!! I have a huge family. My biological mother is deceased and has been since I was six years old. My father is a truck driver and remarried to a wonderful woman, who I am very proud to call my mother. I am the youngest of 8 brothers and sisters.

JOURNAL... I made this journal so I can release tension and happiness that goes on in my life, not to live by YOUR personal restrictions. Only add me if your willing to talk and not have me on your list for the sake of having people on there. Think twice about leaving stupid ass comments. I am not a moron and know how to delete unwanted shit. I don't make layouts/background for peoples journals. I don't, make icons, so don't pester me about it. Everyone has to start somewhere, so open an art program and start drawing. I will say NO to anything about making you this or that. There is a fine line though. If you are a friend then risk it and ask. Never know what mood I will be in. lol. My main goal and the use for this journal is to work on weightloss. Yes I am an obese individual and the support would be greatly appreciated, while I know I will run into alot of negative people. Hey people I have a heart too and have feelings. So, see a picture that disgusts you just leave. So, GO ME!!!

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"Fat is not a four letter word. It is not obscene, or inappropriate for minors to hear, or dirty, or uncouth. What it describes is not something only done or talked about in hushed whispers and dark corners. It tells you nothing of my moral fiber, the content of my character, my cute quirks and annoying tendencies. It doesn’t tell you anything about my exercise or eating habits, or whether I revel in my body or am ashamed of it. It does not give you insight into my fears and longings, my hopes and dreams. It is not a word that, when uttered, has the power to make me feel small or less than you. I am not. I am large, powerful. I am bigger than life, round with abundance and the fruits of the earth. I relish in my senses – all of them – and find delights of sensation where others find only denial. I live with dignity and self-love, and I reclaim this word, so small, but so densely packed with hatred and fear and loathing and condemnation. I embrace it as fully mine, as part of me, as a harmless adjective that tells you nothing, really, about who I am - except that I am fat." :: By S.M. Edwards

MUSIC... I do a fair ammount of sharing in various music communities so I made my own LJ with my other half Chris hofer so it would be easier to share with other LJers. You can find it here...

My Music - hoferx2

BRACELETS... Find charms at ljcharmshare

CREDITS... Please don't any of my goodies. i love them and they were made for me. thank you.

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